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Gremlins Versus The Godfather The Movies and The Tees

Gremlins vs. The Godfather Written by Tony DiGerolamo Copyright 2011   Mafia Dons, much like Gremlins, bad things happen if you get them wet. This week we compare the greatest movies every put to film with Gremlins and their T-shirts. Quotes: It’s hard to come up with quotes from Gremlins since they don’t speak English. [...]

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Five People That You’ll Meet Playing Video Games

Five People That You’ll Meet Playing Video Games Written by Tony DiGerolamo Copyright 2011 Video game players have a variety of personalities and most of them are annoying.  Narrowing them down to just one is like picking your favorite movie t-shirt over your favorite superhero t-shirt, there’s a lot of overlap.  Thankfully, our council of scientists were able [...]

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Round 2 of Our T Shirt Model Contest

As March Madness begins, the second round of the T-Shirt Model Search launches.  Round 1 ended and we had 7 models who advanced to the next round.  We sent t-shirts to each model to model for the next round.  Unfortunately after extending the deadline a few times we only received the photos back from [...]

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Movie T-Shirts Frequently Requested That Were Just Never Made

Movie T-Shirts Frequently Requested That Were Just Never Made   As most of you know, we specialize in movie t-shirts and our customers and readers love movie t-shirts.  Our movie t-shirt selection is large, but apparently not large enough.  If it was up to us, our movie t shirt offerings would be larger.  We wanted to share [...]

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Thatsmyshirt T Shirt Model Search Contest First Round Ends

THATSMYSHIRT.COM T-SHIRT MODEL CONTEST UPDATE It's a wrap, well kind of.  The first round of our T-Shirt Model Search Contest has come to a close.  We wanted to thank everyone who participated in this contest.  It was nice to get hundreds of people involved and was alot of fun for everyone.  When we created this contest [...]

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Thatsmyshirt Model Contest Info

  Prizes: Nothing!  Just kidding.  The selected model (the winner) will receive:•  $300 in cash, $400 in cash if the winner submits a video for the contest.•  $150 in T-Shirts•  Photo Shoot in the t-shirts you are sent in Philadelphia, PA (if you are local) or with a photographer we use in your area•  Fame!  Our models [...]

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The second annual Model Search Contest is just weeks away and we are in need of an individual to create a video to launch this contest.  If you are interested in earning cash and merchandise prizes from Thatsmyshirt view our blog post for details

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Free Funny and Sexy Video E-Cards

Take a look at our free video e-cards page.  We have teamed up with the folks at Hottiegram and you can now create cool Thatsmyshirt e-cards to send to friends.  You can customize each card and there are thousands to choose from  

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Pop Culture Week in Review - Super Bowl, Olympics, Super Hero T-Shirts, We Are the World

So apparently Marvel Comics went out of their way to apologize for Offending Tea Partiers in their Captain America Story. Kind if extreme if you ask us. To us he is a Super Hero and nothing to do with politics. Check out the story here We will continue to sell Captain [...]

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Our Simon Says T-Shirts Video Continued

For those of you that were looking for the conclusion of our Simon Says commercial it is below.  Thanks for viewing us on YouTube or Facebook and we hope you enjoy this video and future videos. Featured are a cool vintage style Star Wars Storm Trooper T-Shirt and a vintage Aerosmith Tee Shirt. 

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