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Ten Most Awkward Kiss Moments Kiss T-Shirts

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Ten Most Awkward KISS Moments

Written by Tony DiGerolamo

Copyright 2011


            Whether you think KISS is the greatest rock band ever or that they are just a bunch of circus clowns with guitars, you have to admit, the band has endured.  Along the way, they’ve had their share of mishaps and haters.

10:  Harness Fail:  Sure, Gene can breathe fire, but he can’t actually fly.  Unfortunately, he didn’t actually fly during this concert.  Guess the weaklings pulling him didn’t account for all the armor.  C’mon, guys, it’s not like he comes on stage in a KISS rock t-shirt.



9:  Eric Carr Fall 1985:  As we all know from Spinal Tap, drummers can be accident prone.  At least this fall was minor for the late Eric Carr.


8:  Paul Stanley Angry:  Paul Stanley smash the spotlight guy!  Actually, who could blame him.  It’s pretty bad when your job is to hit just one switch and you miss the cue.  Fortunately, the fans were already facing the stage, but you can’t sell many rock t-shirts in the dark.


7:  Kiss failure:  Hey, they can’t all be about the band.


6:  Gene Simmons Fall:  This is what happens when you kiss strange women in make up.  Who knows what was on that tongue?  But don’t worry, Gene disinfects his tongue after every show just to be sure.


5:  KISS tribute fall:  Even the tribute band seems to be accident prone.  Well, at least their consistent with the real thing.  Wonder what the KISS tribute band T-shirts look like.  Well, a rock t-shirt is a rock t-shirt.


4:  Drunk Ace Frehley?  Hey, the guy’s a rockstar, comes with the territory.  The only thing more weird was if he was completely coherent during his interviews or perhaps explained particle physics.


3:  Family Guy KISS Lyric Fail:  Bad guess, Lois.  Now if she could only do this to Justin Bieber.


2:  KISS hates laser pointers:  Nothing worse than having one of your rock t-shirt draped fans point a laser into your eye.  It’s not only disrespectful, but eye surgery is nearly impossible from the third row back.


1:  KISS lights itself on fire:  In an interview, Gene admitted hair spray was the culprit during this mishap.  It’s a good thing his make up didn’t ignite or he’d have to wear make up permanently.  Either that, or he’d have to change his stage personae to Dr. Doom.

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