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Pop Culture Week in Review - Super Bowl, Olympics, Super Hero T-Shirts, We Are the World

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So apparently Marvel Comics went out of their way to apologize for Offending Tea Partiers in their Captain America Story. Kind if extreme if you ask us. To us he is a Super Hero and nothing to do with politics. Check out the story here We will continue to sell Captain America T-Shirts and Marvel T-Shirts (haha). Check out all of our Super Hero T-Shirts in our Super Hero T Shirts section.

The Olympics are officially underway. Very unfortunate with what happened at the Luge Track yesterday. One our favorite events and likely a freak accident, but of course they are now making the track easier on the lugers. Looking forward to the Olympics this year as there seems to see many great stories coming out of it. If you are looking for a cool Olympics T-Shirt check out our vintage style Munich 1972 Olympics T-Shirt by Chaser We also still have a few Junk Food Womens Olympics T-Shirts from the last summer Olympics from Beijing.

Did everyone see the new We are the World video? Too much of an exact copy of us personally. However, thought it was cool to see the diverse group they assembled. Since when does Vince Vaughn and Jeff Bridges sing? All I was thinking of was Old School and Wedding Crashers, definitely not about his voice. But the actors definitely stood out.

Finally, we must discuss the Super Bowl. Our Colts and Saints T-Shirts flew off the shelves last week and the game itself was a great game. Most of our fans thought that the Colts would win and nobody won our Super Bowl Contest on Facebook Become a fan for our future contests as we currently have a cool pet picture contest on going. Speaking of the Super Bowl be sure to see our football funny videos on Facebook. We are looking for individuals to create videos. If interested contact us and we will officially launch a video contest shortly. You can view one of our videos below we did for the Super Bowl

So to recap, Super Hero T-Shirts are still for sale despite Super Heroes taking a hit in the press, the Olympics are underway, the new We are The World is out and the Super Bowl was a success.

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