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Thatsmyshirt Model Contest Info

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Nothing!  Just kidding.


The selected model (the winner) will receive:

$300 in cash, $400 in cash if the winner submits a video for the contest.
•  $150 in T-Shirts
•  Photo Shoot in the t-shirts you are sent in Philadelphia, PA (if you are local) or with a photographer we use in your area
•  Fame!  Our models have been on tv shows such as The Bachelorette and The Amazing Race in some adult movies (no need to comment on this) and are just very cool people in general after shooting our tees

Other prizes:

The top 6 finalists (selected by us, points you can earn in the contest, and fan input) will receive a t-shirt or two we send you.  If you do not come in first, second or third you still keep the shirts as your prize.  If you finish third you keep the shirts along with a $25 gift certificate.  If you finish in 2nd you keep the shirts and a $75 gift certificate along with the cash prize below (via Paypal)  Once the t-shirts are received you will model it within a 1 week time frame.  First place gets the cash price above, the t-shirts you received and $125 or more of t-shirts that we send to you to model as part of the contest.  We will use these photos on the site.  This can be as simple as having a friend take a photo of you with their digital camera.  Not looking for a professional shoot.
We will then post the photos of the top six and our fans (and your friends) will vote on the winner.


6th Place - $20 in merchandise at
5th Place - $20 in merchandise at
4th Place - $25 in merchandise at

3rd Place - $50 in merchandise at
2nd Place - $100 dollars in cash and $100 in merchandise at

1st Place gets the cash and prizes above!  Of course all the finals keep the t-shirt we send you so at worst you win 2 free t-shirts.  Be sure to watch this page and our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page as we may add prizes if we get sponsors.

Important Dates for the Contest


9/24 Contest Launches Stage 1
1/30 - Stage 1 Ends - Top 6 Finalists Selected and sent t-shirt to model
2/16 Voting on 6 Finalists Begins
3/16 Contest Ends
3/17 Winners Announced
and St. Patrick's Day!




To Submit for this Casting Call:

Fill out the form located here:

In the Tell Us About Yourself Section be sure to specify that you are submitting for the Thatsmyshirt model contest.  If you do not have links to your pictures, email them to us at

Once your application is submitted you can earn points by doing the following.  Points are not the only factor in this contest but will definitely help your chances

10 Points - Create a Video Saying Why You Should Be The Next T-Shirt Model (upload it to youtube or email it to us at  Then go on to our facebook page ( and post a link to it (if on youtube)
3 Points - Create a blog about the contest and send us the link to it
2 Points - Post on your Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Page stating that you just entered the T-Shirt Model Contest.  Use @thatsmyshirt to tag us on either site to get the points
1 Point - Post a photo of yourself on our facebook fan page and state that you just submitted your application for our model contest
1 Point - Comment to the blog post (URL Ill send) stating that you just entered the Model Contest
Comments by our fans on our facebook fan page will also earn points.

Last But Not Least, We cant leave out the guys
Guys can win prizes as well for submitting videos.
Prizes include 2 Tickets to a Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Game, Free T-Shirts, and Free Gift Certificate


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