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Thatsmyshirt T Shirt Model Search Contest First Round Ends

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It's a wrap, well kind of.  The first round of our T-Shirt Model Search Contest has come to a close.  We wanted to thank everyone who participated in this contest.  It was nice to get hundreds of people involved and was alot of fun for everyone.  When we created this contest we were not thinking that there could be a tie.  We were also not thinking that there would be a three way tie, but of course this is what occured.  Round 1 was supposed to end with 6 models left to move on to the next round.  When it came time to combining our ratings with the point system that we had in place, there was a three way tie for the 6th and final position with no plan in place to decide who would get the sixth position.  Our team decided that the best way to pick the 6th position would be to allow our fans, shoppers, and readers decide.  Since there was three models involved we decided to expand the second round to 7 models.  We came up with an NCAA Touranment style play in round. The only difference is that three models will compete for two positions.

Due to time constraints, this play in round must be quick.  We are planning on starting the next round on the 16th of February and all models in the final round need to model our t-shirts for the round to begin.  This play in round will begin on Wednesday, February 2nd and end on Sunday the 6th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time

Here is how it will work.  The contest will have 2 components:

1.  Total Number of Fan Votes - There will be a poll posted on our Facebook Fan Page with the names and photos of the three models in the play in round.  Simply vote for one of the three models.  The model with the most votes will win this portion of the contest.  The Poll can also be shared with friends on Facebook so that will generate more votes for your favorite model and if your a model involved feel free to post on Twitter and other social network sites you are on.

2.  Rating of Each Model - We will post a similar poll on our blog and at the bottom of this post.  This poll will have the models name and ask you to rate the model on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best rating.  Simply enter the number and we will take the average of the votes.

While this contest is not as important as a presidential election, it would be great for everyone to vote, so Vote!

Before announcing the finalists, we just wanted to say that there was at least 20 different models that we wanted to pick to move on.  There are definitely models that did not make this round that we would love to keep in touch with.  We need models all the time to model our clothing, produce funny videos, promotions, etc so please keep in touch.  Our next model contest will be larger and we encourage everyone who participated in this contest to come back for the next one.

Drum roll please...

The 5 selected models (in no particular order) in the Winter 2011 T-Shirt Model Contest are:

1. Melanie - a 20 Year Old Rutgers college student



2. Samantha - a 26 Year old model from West Palm Beach, Florida


3. Hadley - a 26 Year Old Model from Boise Idaho.



4. Montana - a 21 Year old model from Pennsylvania



5.  Lauren - a model from just outside Philadelphia, PA




We will launch a new model page once the next round begins with all the models involved.


Now on to the play in round.  The following models are involved in our play in round.  Two models will move to the next round.

1.  Amanda Grace - a 20 Year Old model from Pittsburgh, PA.



2. Amber Rose Neal - a 20 Year Old Model from Upstate New York



3.  Kaitlyn Nicole - a 19 year old model from Pittsburgh, PA







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