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Gremlins Versus The Godfather The Movies and The Tees

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Gremlins vs. The Godfather

Written by Tony DiGerolamo

Copyright 2011


Mafia Dons, much like Gremlins, bad things happen if you get them wet. This week we compare the greatest movies every put to film with Gremlins and their T-shirts. Quotes: It’s hard to come up with quotes from Gremlins since they don’t speak English. But that doesn’t stop our T-shirt guys! However, the Godfather has many classic lines. Most them involve threatening people, but hey that makes for classic movie making. Even if you do have to behead a few horses.

Winner: The Godfather

Timeliness: The Godfather, although classic, is about a bygone era. It’s a very distinct period piece. But Gremlins, they can be anywhere! Oh, sure, they’ve been on the endangered species list, but that’s just until someone gets them wet. Since the tsunami in Japan, the place is probably crawling with them. Winner: Gremlins Design: Let’s face it, the Gremlins have decent design. They’re cute, cuddly and that’s why Gizmo gets the ladies. But The Godfather translates into every language. Hell, that mobster look can even be seen a little in Scarface. Its classic logo design is probably just as recognizable as the Superman logo, even in other languages. Winner: The Godfather. Characters: In the Godfather, you have all the classic icons: The Don, the lawyer, the hotheaded brother played by James Caan who beats a guy with a shoe. But how can you say “no” to the big eyes on Gizmo? Even Stripe and his spawn? Mobsters can’t survive being shot, blended or stuffed into the microwave. It’s a proven biological fact.

Winner: Gremlins It’s a tough call, but we have to go with the timeless classic that spawned two great movies: Gremlins!

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