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Top Ten 80s Videos

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Top Ten 80s Videos

Written by Tony DiGerolamo

Copyright 2011

Ah, the 80’s. Bad hair and even worse music. Browse our 80s t-shirts section in our movie and tv t-shirts section and you will see what we mean.  If you’re old enough to remember it, you’re probably old enough to be wearing the original version of this TV t-shirt. If not, gather round kiddies and behold your grandparents era. Trust me, it will explain a lot.

10: Who could forget Kim Cattrall’s Oscar-winning performance in Porky’s?

9: The Safety Dance was not as safe as you think. Even more dangerous than driving a talking car.

8: In the 1980’s, we didn’t just ruin music, we also ruined G.I.Joe forever, it’s what we did to all the cartoons.

7: To you young kids, 1980’s music must sound very old.

6: And the biggest box office smash of the 1980’s, this movie. (And yet, so rarely do you see someone where a movie t-shirt from it.)

5: No matter where you worked in the 1980’s, you had to be on guard for a beer commercial to break out.

4: Bowling just wasn’t for fat people back in the 80’s, rock stars did it too.


3: Fortunately, with modern technology, we can fix some of the mistakes of the 1980’s.

2: It wasn’t all bad, in the 1980’s wherever you’d go, people would just offer you drugs.

1: Dating, however, was a bit of a minefield in the 1980’s.

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