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Anti Pink That Really Tees Me Off

Anti-Pink: That Really Tees Me Off
You would think that nobody would be anti-pink. What's not to like about pink? It's bright and beautiful and girls love it - and guys can, too! So, why are some individuals in our society trying to impose their ideas about colors on others? Especially when that color is as perfect as pink!
When boys are bullied in school, however, for wearing pink, there is a 'pink' issue. During September 2007 in Nova Scotia, Canada, anti-pink bullying of a young boy prompted two other students to take action. T+-hey bought 50 pink t-shirts and other pink articles of clothing for the entire school.
The 'Wear Pink' campaign was born and quickly spread worldwide. 'Wear Pink' events have been held as far away as China. The campaign spread awareness but there are still boys who are victims of school bullying for wearing pink.
Blue can bring connotations of depression and sadness. Black has a historic connection with evil. Yet nobody minds when men wear blue or black clothing. Nobody should mind when a man wears a pink t-shirt.
Many will admit that the objection is to the association - not the color. Ok, what does pink bring to mind that is so troubling to some - a pink sunset, a pink rose, cotton candy? No, those things don't drive the anti-pink movement. The anti-pink supporters object to people living their lives in their own way.
Who's against pink shirts for men? If you hear anyone answer, "Me!" That should really tee you off! Wear a pink t-shirt!