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Happy Holidays (and Nice T-Shirt)

Happy Holidays (and Nice T-Shirt)
By Cody Brotter

Nothing puts a person more in the holiday spirit than some holiday apparel. What’s merrier than a merry Christmas shirt? And what says “l’chaim” more than a hilarious Hannukah tee?  Our Holiday T-Shirts put everyone in the holiday spirit

These are the kinds of t-shirts that would put the Grinch in a grouchy mood. Or maybe you identify more with the old green guy and you want to wear a Grinch “I Hate Christmas” junk food t-shirt just to slap the too-happy-go-lucky carolers before they knock on your door.

Or maybe you wanna celebrate for eight straight nights so you gotta buy the Hannukah t-shirt or perhaps eight to wear the right outfits when you light up the menorah.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re done with this Judeo-Christian nonsense and you want a different spirit for the holiday season. Of course, there’s always Festivus for the rest of us, and a Festivus t-shirt for kids, guys, and gals will undoubtedly get you far no matter the month. And on the “Seinfeld” note, why not wear a “Regift” t-shirt showing the recycling of gifts we use during these merry times.

One thing’s for sure, a holiday t-shirt won’t be regifted this season, or any season.