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If You Can or Cant Drink It Wear It Beer Tee Shirts

If You (Can or) Can’t Drink It, Wear It: Beer T-Shirts
By Cody Brotter

For some reason the government’s decided you have to be 21 to drink a can of beer (though you can drive when you’re 16 and fight terrorists when you’re 18). Thankfully the punks up on Capitol Hill haven’t banned anyone of any age from wearing a beer t-shirt. Now that would be criminal.

Represent the fightin’ Irish and sport a Guinness tee or give a shout out to your hometown and rock a Brooklyn Brewery shirt when you’re out and about.

And if you can’t get the Captain in you, you might as well have it on you, and put on a Captain Morgan t-shirt to support the coolest pirate on the seven seas.

Man or woman, young or old—history shows since our founding that people like to drink. You really think those thugs were just drinking Lipton’s at the Boston Tea Party? It’s time to party like it’s 1773 or at least dress like it’s a party and wear your beer t-shirt.

Coors Light tees, Colt 45 shirts, Guinness hoodies, or a classy Cerveza Dosequis XX t-shirt says, “I’m down to party” in a single article of clothing.

So support your favorite drink like it’s your favorite team. Or for you not-so-youngsters who are still “prohibited” from alcohol consumption—if you can’t drink it, wear it: the beer t-shirt says it all.