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Laughing With Funny T-Shirts

There's always something about a funny tee that puts the wearer in a pleasant position. Whether it's an internal thing or just an outsider's perception, a funny message doesn't only make someone laugh. It also makes people feel good which probably explains why they'll always have a special affinity for anything funny. If you think this is all opinion, you just might reconsider after learning about laughter's scientific contributions to humanity.

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The medical world has been the most appreciative of this gift whose therapeutic value has been recognized and used for centuries. Humor has been used to manage patients in many ways from pain management to general health promotion. Even as it continues to be part of many health regimens, scientists are relentless in establishing its effects on physical and psychological well-being. In fact, actual studies were conducted on individuals whose levels of pain, stress and immunity significantly improved after participating in humorous activities. Today, laughter is growing increasingly popular as therapy for people with chronic diseases with some medical institutions even requiring doctors to incorporate humor in their patients' treatment.

Of course, the wonders of humor are not reserved for the sick. Anyone can have great use of it such as improving personal disposition and outlook in life. Laughter does make people feel better about themselves, sick or not, and this ultimately has an effect on the quality of their lives. In fact, it is the only human activity that doesn't allow other thoughts to be processed by the brain once begun which probably explains its pain-diversion abilities.

If you're wondering about the physiology of laughter, you'll even be more amazed. Most human responses are usually processed in a specific portion of the brain. For example, the frontal lobe, which comprises the largest region, is responsible for emotional responses. Laughter, however, is produced from various points with the resulting electrical activity differing when a person finds something funny and not. In actual studies that tracked human brain wave activity, it was found that when the wave produced was of a negative charge, the person laughed. When of a positive charge, the wave didn't elicit any response from at all.

Still unexplored about laughter is what makes a person perceive something as funny or not and why different responses apply for different folks. What we do know for sure is that laughter is always a pleasurable experience for all.