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Making a Difference With Funny T-Shirts

Humor is basic to every human being and it will be expressed in many different forms. As of late, more creative avenues for expressing this gift have been surfacing. In particular, funny t-shirts are a popular favorite.

Anyone who wears a funny message isn't only trying to get that message across. He's actually baring a part of his soul to others. Because humor is basic, it is something that naturally flows from within. And believe it or not, even the crankiest individual that walked the earth has a funny side. What might be funnier is when he actually wears a funny t-shirt. That, in itself, is one of life's most amusing ironies. Or maybe it simply serves to remind u of life's unpredictability. Sometimes, when things turn out far from our expectations, we tend to act in destructive ways. With humor, it simply becomes a whole new reason to make us want to laugh and smile - two of the best things we can do in our lives, by the way.

This is why funny t-shirts are such a breather these days. When everybody's losing their heads trying to run governments or figuring out a route to Jupiter, humor is but only thing that refreshes the spirit. Imagine if the world had no place for it. We could be a whole planet of mental disturbances and we won't even know it - all because we think we're just trying to be responsible citizens of the universe. With humor, we're afforded a way to keep in touch with what's inside of us. And unless that communication happens, we'll be everything we fear we'd become.

Funny tees may sound like an altogether fun thing, but it's important to remember that they won't work when they don't fit. In other words, not all funny t-shirts are actually funny on all people. There's certainly no hard and fast rule on this, but a very basic ingredient of funny tees that work is suitability to the wearer's personality. Definitely, the person who wears a funny shirt must be able to wear it well, otherwise, things could get funny in an irritating way.

Still, when you're choosing a funny tee, you have to look for quality of the fabric as well. No real funny message works when you can't wear it more than a handful of times. You definitely should look good workmanship and good material even if the message rocks like crazy. Pre-shrunk cotton make great choices. They have a soft and silky feel against the skin and the ability to stand washing and drying longer than other cotton varieties.

All-in-all, funny t-shirts are simply a great way to share a piece of ourselves to people in ways that make them smile. How nice to be able to keep doing that.