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New T-Shirt Styles and Trends

New T-Shirt Styles and Trends - 12/26/09

by Lauren Smith

Welcome to the wonderful world of As The T-Shirt Industry Turns.  That sounds like a great TV show.  30 Years ago the t-shirt was as simple as it sounds, it was a t-shirt.  Today, t-shirt trends seem to change yearly, and the t-shirt has become an article of clothing with changing styles just like a pair of pants or a designer suit.

Last year, the tunic t-shirt was extremely popular, this year it is not.  This year, the "in" t-shirt style is the v-neck t-shirt and the tri-blend t-shirt.  Last year, the zip up hoodie was the popular trend in sweatshirts.  This year, pull over tri blend hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts are "in". 

We were expecting 2009 to be a year where t-shirt manufacturers went back to the basics in an effort to lower costs of t-shirts due to the economy.  Premium t-shirts cost more and while 2008 was the year of the premium style t-shirt, 2009 continued to be premium t-shirt heavy.  Apparently, the economy did not hit the t-shirt industry as much as it hit other industries.

The last time V-Neck t-shirts became popular was when Michael Jackson sported them in the 90s.  This year they came back in style and t-shirt designers released them for both men and women.  This Kings of Leon T-Shirt by Junk Food Clothing has been one of our most popular v-neck t-shirts  We have seen a huge amount of new v-neck t-shirts when it comes to rock t-shirts as rock bands seem to be offering v-necks among their line of tees.  You can also see a cool Kiss T-Shirt by Junk Food Clothing in a v-neck in the video below.  Ok, maybe we see why this style is so popular for women these days (pardon the humor). 

Tri-Blend T-Shirts are also very popular.  Tri Blend track tees became popular when American Apparel released their series of Uni Sex tri blend track tees which men and women loved.  Tri-Blend T-Shirts are now back as t-shirt companies are releasing these t-shirts with graphic prints on them.

Customer do not believe us when we tell them that zip up hoodies are out.  Trust us, its true and manufacturers are just not making these as often as they did a year ago.   Instead they are releasing Tri Blend Crew Neck Sweatshirts and Tri Blend Pull Over Hoodies like this Jimi Hendrix Pull Over Hoodie

One thing is certain about t-shirt styles.  They will be different a year from now and most likely we will be writing a similar article regarding t-shirt trends.  Look for it next year.  Any predictions?