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Thank you for shopping with us at, your home for simply cool t-shirts.  PLEASE READ all of our policies and frequently asked questions below as we are different that many sites.  If you have any questions about ordering t-shirts at, please use the contact form in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.  If inquiring about a specific order you have already placed please do not contact us unless 20 days has elapsed so that we can assist all of our customers in a timely matter and focus on providing cool t-shirts to our customers.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX. Discover) for all t-shirt orders.  We also accept Paypal.  Credit card statements will read THATSMYSHIRT.COM.  Shop in confidence as our site is completely secure.  Our checkout is set up with 128-bit SSL Security built in so all of your t-shirt orders are completely secure!  Our site is scanned daily for vulnerabilities so everything is completely sure and hacker proof.  Occasionally for international orders we made need you to call us to verify the order or to fax or scan proof of card ownership for your order.  This is due to large incidences of credit card fraud and for everyones protection.

Where do you ship t-shirts to?

Virtually everywhere in the world.  We ship anywhere in the world via USPS Shipping.  If you are looking for shipping charges, add tee shirts to your cart and proceed to checkout.  Once you enter the shipping address you will provided with options and prices before you checkout.

Where do we ship from?

Most orders ship from our warehouse located outside of Philadelphia, PA.  Some items will ship via partner companies all over the United States.  We offer so many cool t-shirts that it sometimes requires them to be sent via partner distributors.  Please keep in mind that if your tee shirts are shipped via a distributor you must contact us regarding the order and not the distributor.

I need to return a t-shirt or order, how do I do so?

Please see our Return Policies here?

When will my order be shipped out? (READ CAREFULLY)

Please read this carefully so you are aware of potential time frames to receive orders.  Keep in mind we do not cancel orders

1.  The amount of time it takes to ship out your order will vary based on the particular products.  Some items ship out the same or next day and others can take up to 25 days.  While 25 days is rare, it is possible so keep this in mind when ordering.  Most orders do ship out within 10 days.  Do not email us for an order status unless 20 days has elapsed as we would prefer to spend our time getting as many orders out as possible.

2.  We do not physically stock every t-shirt we sell in our facility thus often your shirts are ordered once we receive an order.  We try to stock the top sellers here but cannot stock every single t-shirts.

Once shipped how long will it take to receive my order?

We offer a few different options for shipping within the United States including First Class, Priority or Express Shipping.  We reserve the right to substitute an equivalent UPS or FEDEX service.  Please keep in mind that the stated shipping times are simply the SHIPPING TIME IN ROUTE and not the total time it will take to receive your order.  Processing times still apply (see above).  For example if you place an order and select EXPRESS mail shipping (1-2 days), this does not usually mean you will receive the order in 1-2 days.  Standard order process time frames do still apply so once your order is here and ready to ship, it will then take the 1-2 days.  Keep this in mind when ordering. 

We do not guarantee shipping time frames and shipping is NOT REFUNDABLE.  If you need to change your shipping method you may do so providing the order has not yet shipped.

We ship to the address you provide.  If an order is returned due to an incorrect address or is not picked up upon request of the postal service, you are liable and would need to pay a reship fee for us to resend the package.

We use the USPS for international shipments.  We use First Class Air but please contact us as we can use Priority or Express International shipping for an additional charge.  USPS First Class Mail generally takes 7 to 20 business days in transit.  Keep in mind there is still our ordering/processing time on top of that.

I ordered an item that says it is a preorder item, when will I receive?

When an item is a preorder item we generally take orders for the item.  Due to this these orders are non refundable unless that particular item does not come in.  Do not order a preorder item and then expect it a week later.  Our pre order items will either have an expected date in the description or you can contact us for an expected date.  Most preorder items come in within 2-6 weeks.   When in doubt please ask as these cannot be cancelled once ordered.   Preorder items cannot be cancelled

What happens if t-shirts I order are sold out?

We ship all orders once all of your items are ready to ship together.  If for some reason we find out that an item is backordered (will take longer than 25 days) or is discontinued, it will be removed from the order and a store credit will be issued. So if you order 5 items and one is backordered, it will be removed and the remainder will ship (4 shirts).  We do not cancel entire orders unless the entire order is sold out .  Keep this in mind when ordering as there is always a chance this could occur and you will only receive a partial order which cannot be cancelled along with store credit on the remainder.

How do I know if an item is backordered?

Unfortunately, we do not know an item is backordered until our distributors inform us of this.  At times it can take a few hours to learn and other times it can take up to 25 days.  Once we learn of a backorder, we notify you.  Please keep this in mind because in the crazy t-shirt world backorders occur often. 

How much is shipping?

This will vary based on your location, your order weight and the type of shipping use.  To see rates add your items to your cart and proceed to checkout.  Shipping options and costs will be displayed before you would check out.

Do you have a size chart?

We did have a size chart, however have decided to remove it  We did this because every single brand has different sizing and we found that even two of the exact t-shirt were sized differently.  Due to the vintage style t-shirt craze manufacturers custom make each shirt so sizing is different on each and every shirt and styles change season to season altering sizes.  If a shirt runs particularly big or small we will make note of it.  In general vintage style t-shirts tend to run smaller than standard cotton tees.

Why was the design on the shirt I received slightly different?

Many of the photos for our cool t-shirts come from the manufacturers stock photos.  We receive them directly from them and use them to advertise our shirts.  Occasionally the manufacturer alters the design slightly and does not change their stock photos so keep this in mind when ordering.  Occasionally we will see t-shirts with a back design which was not shown in the stock photo.

Can I Cancel My Order?

We do not cancel orders for refunds but we can cancel it and issue a store credit providing the order did not ship out.  We can cancel an order for a store credit only if 25 days has not yet elapsed and the order hasnt shipped.  Please do not request a store credit unless 25 days has elapsed and your order has not yet shipped as we will be unable to do so.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.  See our returns section for returns where we issue store credits only.