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Super Hero T Shirts To The Rescue


By Cody Brotter

For decades, Super Heroes have defined and inspired generations, in addition to making the average American feel very inadequate. We may not have super strength or the ability to fly, but we can sport a Super Hero T-shirt every now and again.

First came Superman in June 1938, courtesy of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster and Detective Comics, Inc—or perhaps more accurately, the planet Krypton. The blue, yellow, and red costume with the “S” on the chest symbolizes superhuman strength and stamina. Then it’s no wonder that the hottest girl in the Amazon tribe was partners with Clark Kent since 1941. Wonder Woman, the superheroine from the mind of Harvard-educated Dr. William Moulton Marston, also has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect woman? Any girl who wants to fill their guy with wonderment should wear a Wonder Woman tee shirt. Whether you’re feminist or just plain sexy, the big W shows the dude who’s really boss. (Only problem guys, Wonder Woman has the ability to discern the truth!)

Superman and Wonder Woman’s bat-like buddy first appeared in DC Comics in May of 1939. Nearly 70 years later, the Caped Crusader is still immortalized in Academy Award-winning movies. When Bob Kane first drew the man, also known as the “World’s Greatest Detective,” Bruce Wayne wore red tights, boots, a small domino mask, two wings, no gloves, and no gauntlets. Now Batman wears a badass cape, a cowl, bat ears, a utility belt, and of course the famous bat emblem on his chest. Everyone from George Clooney to Christian Bale to Adam West have put on the Batsuit and now it’s your turn: rock a Batman tee shirt or a Batman hoodie if you feel like becoming the “most dangerous man on Earth.” (And make sure to get your Batgirl her matching Junk Food tee costume as well).

And finally, few can forget the Flash. The Fastest Man Alive first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in January 1940 thanks to the writer-artist team of Fox and Lampert. The Scarlet Speedster possesses super-speed that defies the laws of physics we were taught in school. The Flash first came in the form of Jay Garrick, then Barry Allen, then Wally West, and finally Bart Allen. Now isn’t it time for you to get your shot at Flashdom? The classic lightning bolt on the Flash t-shirt or a vintage Flash superhero tee will flash you back in time to the golden era of the speedster.

And while DC brought us the original Super Hero superstars, millions must marvel at Marvel. Marvel Comics (along with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby) brought us Captain America in March 1941, which has sold over 210 million copies in comic books. His alter ego Steve Rogers is an expert martial artist with the maximum human physical potential (a steel shield with a star also helps our American idol). Marvel also brought us the big, the angry, the Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner’s super human strength, durability, and regenerative healing ability were devised by Jack Kirby and the famous Stan Lee in 1962. And even in 2003 and 2008, Hollywood still wanted to bring the sexy green six-pack to the screen.

And speaking of Hollywood blockbusters, we can also thank Marvel and Lee for Mr. Peter Parker and Tony Stark. April 1963 gave birth to the durable, regenerative, and super-strong genius known to the masses as Iron Man. Straight out of MIT, Ironman’s missiles and energy repulsors are the envy of every kid on campus. Just a year prior the Human Mutate high school dork, known as the Amazing Spider-Man, became the coolest kid in the cafeteria. Super-strength and speed, intellectual genius, and spider sense made this member of The Avengers a future comic book, video game, and movie star.

Now if those facts, statistics, and brief histories don’t mean anything to the average mediocre mortal, perhaps a Super Hero tee is just the thing to save the day!