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Super Hero T Shirts

Welcome to our Super Hero T-Shirts videos.  Super Hero T-Shirts are definitely one of the most popular type of t-shirts we sell.  Super Hero T-Shirts have been around for decades and seem to evolve each season with new designs for the classic Super Heroes and new Super Heroes.  From Marvel Comics to DC Comics, we carry all your favorite Super Hero T-Shirts.  These funny video clips feature our Super Hero T-Shirts in ways you would never think of a traditional Super Hero Show.  See videos featuring our Superman t-shirts, Wonder Woman T-Shirts, Batman Tees and more.  Enjoy and look for more Super Hero videos in the future here.

One of the most popular Super Hero T-Shirt videos on the net today is a compilation of Super Hero T-Shirts that were worn on the hit TV Show The Big Bang Theory.  We sell many of these t-shirts at including the Junk Food Super Hero T-Shirts

The video below is what you get when you give two adult actresses a Super Hero T-Shirt, A Wet Superman t-shirt.  The guys may like this one, this one is definitely at least PG-13 rated so play with discretion.  It's definitely our most viewed Super Hero T-Shirt video being it featured adult actresses Taisa Banx and Bella Blaze. This t-shirt is still available here in our Junk Food T-Shirts section

The video below was requested by a publication who was doing a story on super hero t-shirts and liked out Super Hero Videos.  We used a 2 year old who was a huge Incredible Hulk Fan and apparently his actions for our video were no different than his every day actions.  What you do not see is who he is smashing into.  On the other end of his Hulk charges was a 5 year old girl.  No worries, she is ok.  Unfortunately, the Hulk T-Shirt we wanted him to wear never got on his body.  Instead he insisted on wearing this Junk Food Planet of the Apes T-Shirt.  I guess this is what we get for using a 2 year old in our videos.  Oh well.

The theme in this video was to reenact Clark Kent taking off his Daily Planet work attire and putting on his Superman uniform.  Unfortunately, the Superman Costume we ordered did not make it in time.  Fortunately, we had plenty of Superman t-shirts like this Junk Food Superman t-shirt. 

We had auditions to be our Super Hero T-Shirt featured model and many of the actors took the audition too seriously.  The two models in the video below were our final two.  See if you can figure out why we contestant number 2.  Both the Wonder Woman T-Shirt and Superman t-shirt in this video are still available in our Super Hero T-Shirts section

Here is a clip from earlier rounds of our Super Hero T-Shirts model contest.

Finally, a short super hero fantasy commercial

Look for more Super Hero T-Shirt videos coming soon...