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The Many Styles of T-Shirts

The Many Styles of T-Shirts

Once upon a time, when we thought of a t-shirt we thought of a plain white tee that may or may not have had something imprinted on it.  Well, t-shirts have come a long way over the years, and not only are they now available in a huge selection of colors with almost anything you could ever want printed on the front, but they also come in a wide variety of styles as well.  

Most people think of a t-shirt as a basic squared off shirt with short sleeves and a round neck.  This is still one of the most common style of tees, but there are quite a few other options for those that want something different.  Everything from the type of neckline to the type of sleeve and the shape of the shirt itself can be different.

When it comes to necklines on t-shirts, rounded necks (also known as crewnecks) aren’t the only choice.  You can also opt for t-shirt styles with v-necks, scoop necks, square necks, and scalloped edges along the neckline.  The same goes for sleeves.  In addition to the traditional boxy short sleeve tee, you can also find t-shirt styles that have cap sleeves, three quarter sleeves, long sleeves, or even no sleeves (as in a tank top tee).

The baggy style of most men’s t-shirts can also be adapted for a more feminine look with more fitted tees that conform better to a woman’s figure than the boxiness of a men’s t-shirt.  And, since t-shirts have become a major fashion accessory, you will also find t-shirt styles now that include embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins, buttons, and many other decorative elements.  

There is no end to the number of t-shirt styles that are now available.  From the basic form of the shirt, to the fabric, colors, designs and embellishments, there is a t-shirt style to meet the tastes of just about everyone!