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The Ways of Funny T-Shirts

There was a time when t-shirts were only worn by laborers while they worked for their masters. Today, these shirts can be a fashion statement. Anybody from any social class can wear these tees which now come in wide varieties of colors and prints. Some still come plain while others are with patterns, logos and images. Or they can be plain funny. Funny cartoon tees are actually hot these days. the one who wears them must have a sense humor if they're going to make an impression at all. That's because just like another trend in the fashion industry, the wearer is still the most important element of the get up. 

What's nice about funny shirts is they usually don't land in your closet unless they're given by someone. And that's what makes them even more special. If you're not comfortable with prints or quotes that seem to make you look funny, don't fret. Designs can be about anything but yourself - politics, cartoon characters, or practically anything under the sun. The shirts may be humorous but they need not make you look like a fool. They can just give a message that you're a fun person and not necessarily as tight as you might look like in the office.

If you're thinking of buying funny t-shirts as gifts, that would be another great idea. You can have them custom-made for your kid, best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend or even for your family doctor on his birthday. These shirts also happen to look extra cool on seniors so instead of just getting mom that expensive but boring necklace, you can slip in a funny shirt that she'll love. Or dad will love his Armani jacket with something he could wear it over looking cool.

Funny shirts could also be the answer to the universal problem of not knowing what to give somebody who seems to have it all. Your boss, for example, who runs more than one business empire at the same, will probably appreciate a humble shirt with a really witty quote customized to his personality. If you were bored with the usual stuffed toy giveaways on your three-year-old birthday party, you can have your kid's face in a caricature on miniature shirts on his fourth.

If you're buying a funny shirt for yourself, then let it be something that speaks of you. You don't even have to be funny but what that shirt says should be something you believe in or are able to give justice to. For example, don't wear a shirt with Barrack Obama in mom jeans if you voted for him. The key is to portray life in funny ways without looking funny yourself.