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Top 8 Reasons to Wear an 80s T-Shirt in 2009

Top 8 Reasons to Wear an 80s T-Shirt in 2009


Yes, it is 2009 but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear an 80s t-shirt. In fact, there are many reasons why we should celebrate the 80s.

1. Retro Is Always Cool

You know, the good old days scenario! If you were there, relive it. If it was before your time, find out what you missed and enjoy it now.

2. Oversize is Oh, So Comfortable

An oversized 80s t-shirt feels so comfortable and lends itself to countless styles.

3. It's A Dress, Too

An oversized t-shirt can double as a loose dress. Accessorize, wear a belt over your hips, and don't forget the oversized earrings.

4. Tie The Knot

Ok, you might not want to 'tie the knot' in a t-shirt. Yet wearing an oversize shirt, you can tie a knot on the side in 1980s style.

5. Wear A Classic Look

Honor the classic games of the 1980s. Get in the game and wear amazing 1980s arcade classics across your chest.

6. Try On Terrific TV Tees

Some terrific television shows came out of the 1980s. Miami Vice, Mr, T, Knight Rider - need I say more!  You can view some of these in our TV Tee Shirts Section.

7. Everyone Wants to Be A Super Hero

If you were looking for super heroes, then the 80s was your decade. Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, and many more super favorites defined the 1980s.  Many of these are located in our Super Hero T-Shirts Section

8. Everyone Needs A Little Sunshine

If you need a little sunshine in your life, a 1980s t-shirt delivers with Little Miss Sunshine. And for the guys, of course, there's always Mr. Happy, the happiest of the Mr. Men. Doesn't Mr. Happy ever feel sad? Of course not, he's on an 1980s t-shirt!