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What Makes a Funny T-Shirt

What Makes A Funny T-Shirt?

It's next to impossible to say what makes a funny t-shirt - at least to say something and get unanimous approval. Humor is such a personal thing. Sometimes a joke is just shared between two. In fact, sometimes you might consider something funny but don't share it with anyone. Always remember though that humor is one thing which is best to share with someone.

Of course, your sense of humor can change with age and circumstances. You may think it's funny to see someone slip on a banana peel - until you slip on a banana peel and break your leg. Indeed, what we consider humorous can vary from day to day - even, depending on our moods, from moment to moment.

You would think that t-shirt companies face an enormous challenge while trying to suit everyone's tastes. Yet they mostly solve that issue with their wide variety of funny t-shirts. In addition, companies have the opportunity to capitalize on the moment.

A political blunder, a television blooper, the phrase of the day - such gimmicks capture attention but may not have staying power. Yet tomorrow's another day and another opportunity to make another funny t-shirt. These tees can be based on politics, celebrities, or just everyday life.

The ideas can come from movies or books or just be catchy one-liners. Funny t-shirts can be cute or have a touch of culture. A humorous action graphic connects with the physical humor which was so popular in the past.

What's your favorite funny shirt - at least at this moment? Don't expect everyone to always agree with your choice. Studies have shown, however, that laughter has a positive effect on one's well-being. So, go buy a few more funny t-shirts!