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Why do we wear our rock music tshirts

Throughout history, music t-shirts served as a mirror to the music culture and contributed in creating a great phenomenon that stretched beyond lyrics and notes, and influenced cultures. For example, the folk music of the 50s and 60s reflected a paradigm shift in attitude of the society, ranging from the Vietnam War to sex before marriages. Then came rock n' roll, which was a true rebellion against the dull and demure era after the World War II. The late 60s and the beginning of 70s saw heavy metal music with emphasis on volume, sound distortion, and guitars and drums.

The mid 70s was the era of punk rock, strengthening the roots of anti-establishment. Punk rock created a subculture and gave birth to many sub-genres of music. Even today, punk rock music t-shirts, emo bondage clothing, and Oi! Gothic clothing makes waves and is worn proudly by this generation. It represents a more specific sub-genre of music and a punk rock attitude. The songs of this music genre feature sharp lyrics with extremely political themes, bare instrumentation, and fast tempo.

Punk rock is not just a style of music that you play and forget. You identify with it and start living a punk rock lifestyle. Your attitude becomes fiercely independent, rebellious against the mainstream, and progressive or liberal. You don't just play for personal gain, but are more concerned about a mass change for good. Punk rockers are famous for their style statements, especially the music t-shirts with shocking images on them. Besides, punk rockers use safety pins and tape to hold on their torn garments. Also, they use unconventional things like razor blades, safety pins, and odd jewelry, along with weird hairdos with shocking colors.

Oi! Is a punk genre and its gothic look is popular in Doc Marten and Levi look. Emo is yet another punk genre. Its bondage clothing and music t-shirts exude a unique style that sends ripples in the society through their use of rubber, latex, and leather. In the mid 70s, punk music was a phenomenon. Bands such as The Go-Go's became extremely popular towards the end of the decade. Later, punk morphed into New Wave, with bands like Devo, Talking Heads, and The Police stealing the show.

Since the last decade, punk has, once again, found its place in the mainstream. Those favoring punk lifestyle continue to show their appreciation through music t-shirts, wild hair colors, safety pins, and blades!

The fact is this. You cannot disregard the impact that the music industry has had on the fashion industry, especially for the young people of the United States. No matter where you go, the scenery will be filled with clothing that displays the most popular bands of the present and the past! It is a statement that says, Music Rules

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